• The Writers Well

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    Writing can be isolating -- hours at the desk or researching, wondering if our stories work or even where to go to ask for help. That's where Writers Well comes in!


    Writers Well started the second week of Covid lockdowns in March 2020. I wanted to know how my writing colleagues were doing. I needed community. That small group has grown into a vibrant growing group of writers from the US and Canada (so far!). We meet every Wednesday on Zoom for Writers Well - our place for community, critique, and craft. We also have a weekly marketing accountability group, a weekday morning write-in, and special events, such as NanoWrimo, special guest workshops, and festival opportunities.


    This is your writing community to talk about craft, attend workshops, work with a novel coach - and have a place to talk and share ideas.


    We have writers from all over talking about different genres, processes, ideas...some weeks we talk craft. Other weeks we have a special Writers Read, where you hear you work read out loud and receive feedback.


    Through it all? We are a powerful, safe, and supportive community that loves to see each of our successes!


    Take a look at our writers' publications in. The Bookshop.


    Here are a few things that make our community special:

    • Weekly Wednesday evening Writers Well Zoom meeting
    • Weekly Marketing Accountablity meetings
    • Weekday morning write ins - drop in via Zoom, write to the prompt
    • Supportive community of writers all focused on each others' success
    • A community website to share discussions on submitting work, talking craft, and meeting new and multi-published authors in your genre

    $19.99 a month subscription | Try it out with our 30 day free trial!