• Apps I Love

    These are my favorite tools to plan, plot, and write and market a novel.

    Story Planner

    Early Days

    This is the program I use to run a story idea through hits paces, strike a working synopsis, and create character arcs.


    ​Early - Complete First Draft

    This is the program I use in conjunctions with Scrivener, where I lay out the chapters and scenes - and have a bird's eye view of the beats and story.


    First Draft - Final Draft

    Made for novelists. I break my chapters into scenes, and Scrivener makes it easy to move scenes around. A learning curve for sure, but once you've figured out what works for your process, this is a powerful tool.

    Power Thesaurus

    First Draft - Final Draft

    Love this. Adore it. Worship it.


    Website Builder

    Simple, intuitive, beautiful. And incredible customer service.


    Project Management System

    Writing and marketing have many moving parts. Plan, schedule, organize. Tables, kanban boards, Gantt charts. I can't work without this.

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