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    Novels and memoirs are rough. Tough. They require diligence and creativity and abandon and discipline. They like to disobey the best of planning, fly off into their own spheres. If you're in the midsts of writing one, you know what I mean.


    The best advice I can give is to hang on for the ride and finish the work. Without the words, there's nothing really to shape and edit.


    But it's easy to give up. The premise doesn't sit right. The middle is a morass and swamp. The end is nowhere in sight. The character's goals are muddy, too small, too big. The day job is overwhelming. You think of packing it in. You're alone with the writing, and no one cares if you finish or not.


    But still the novel is there waiting. You think of it. All. The. Time. You know the story matters. And you're the one to tell it.


    That's where Novelitics comes in.  

    I'm here to help you achieve your goal of finishing that novel or memoir that burns in your soul. I'm a novelist, too. I know some of the highs and lows. I have deadlines and proposals and marketing and all the other stuff that goes with novel writing. And, through structure, feedback, weekly lessons, and deadlines, I want to help you get from Chapter One to The End.


    From monthly workshops and masterclasses, to novel and memoir coaching, to THE WRITERS WELL, a vibrant community that meets once a week to inspire and learn, Novelitics is home.

  • The Writers Well


    Writing can be isolating -- hours at the desk or researching, wondering if our stories work or even where to go to ask for help. That's where Novelitics comes in! This is your writing community to talk about craft, join our weekly Writers Well on Zoom, attend workshops, work with a novel coach - and have a place to talk and share ideas. We have writers from all over the United States writing and talking about different genres, processes, ideas...some weeks we talk craft. Other weeks we have a special Writers Read, where you hear you work read out loud and receive feedback.


    Through it all? We are a powerful, safe, and supportive community that loves to see each of our successes!


    Here are a few things that make our community special:

    • We've got polls, prompts, posts, and questions that can bring more writers into conversation in a space that's all our own.
    • We've got Topics to organize our activity, Search to find what we're looking for, and Save Post for you to quickly come back to your favorites.
    • You can direct message. You can also post and have threaded conversations.
    • We have virtual workshops and events.
    • We can keep conversations and messaging going before, during, and after our events.
    • We will also organize smaller groups, for Novel Coaching members and  our own online courses.

    Try it out with our 30 day free trial!

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  • Workshops

    2022 Writers Series Winter | Writing the Heart of Your Story (or How to Tell Your Tale in 100 Words or Less)

    Tell me your story in 100 words or less. Tell me it's heart, what makes it tick. Why your should write it and someone should pick it up off the shelf. In this dynamic workshop, you will work on your novel's description - the one that can serve both as the focus as your write, and the main event in your query letter. Plan on workshopping, editing, sharing, and giving feedback to others. Let's make our story description shine. Presented by Kim Taylor Blakemore,


    Saturday January 08

    9am - 12pm Pacific | 12p-3p Eastern


    TECH POP | Using Plottr

    Plotter is an inexpensive, terrific, powerful, visual way to see your story beats and outline. Panster? It's got tons of flexibility. Plotter? You will be in love. Use in conjunction with brainstorming, plotting, Scrivenering, and any other way you write your stories. This workshop will demonstrate how to setup a project; create timelines, with chapters, places, and notes; and show an example of a work in progress.


    For best results, you'll want to create a project right along with me. Please SIGN UP for a free trial of Plotter prior to the event. Sign up here.


    Saturday January 29th

    9am - 11a Pacific | 12p-2p Eastern


    2022 Writers Series Winter | Your Author Brand with Dana Kaye

    Join Dana Kaye of Kaye Publicity on Wednesday February 9th for an information-packed session on how to create your author brand and establish trust with your readers. The following Saturday we will put her lessons into practice, working to create our own unique, authentic, and compelling author brands. Be ready to share and give feedback.


    Wednesday February 9th

    4:30p-5:30p Pacific | 7:30p-8:30p Eastern


    Saturday February 12th

    9am - 12pm Pacific | 12p-3p Eastern


    2022 Writers Series Winter | Write Like a Poet with Jennifer Springsteen

    Concrete images economized. That’s what great poets do, so why not prose writers? In this workshop, we’ll study poetry for its precision and depth of emotion and use it as a springboard to strengthen our own writing. Writers are offered techniques to whittle out the fluff and get to the heart of the matter. Bring your notebooks: we’ll be reading and writing.



    Jennifer Springsteen is seeking a Masters of Divinity at Starr King School for the Ministry in Oakland. She is the co-founder of PDX Writers and her writing has won several awards including Regional Arts and Culture Council grants, an Oregon Literary Arts Fellowship, and two Pushcart Prize nominations. She is represented by Joanna MacKenzie of Nelson Literary Agency. She writes, teaches, and studies in Portland, OR.


    Saturday March 12th

    9am - 12pm Pacific | 12p-3p Eastern


    The Road to Publication - recording of live event

    Join Novelitics for four sessions on the Road to Publication. We will look at the highs and lows, nuts and bolts, and ups and downs of working with large and small presses (including the realities of marketing), indie publishing, finding the (right) agent, and end with an Open Q&A where you can ask any burning questions and learn more about the Novelitics community. Panelists include published authors who have been through the trenches - and authors actively seeking agents and happy to share their experiences and success. This event is one hour in length and free of charge.


    Traditional Publishing - A look at the ups and downs of large and small press publication (and the realities of marketing) with Tonya Brown (The Queen's Almoner - Late November Literary); Tonya Mitchell (A Feigned Madness - Cynren Press) and Kim Taylor Blakemore (After Alice Fell - Lake Union Publishing).


    Indie Publishing - A look at the nuts & bolts of indie publishing with Annette Dashofy (Death by Equine) and Jacqueline Vick (The Frankie Chandler Pet Psychic Mysteries; The Harlow Brothers Mysteries)


    Finding (the Right) Agent - a look at the tips and tricks for finding and agent for your book, with words of advice from authors who have successfully signed and those currently submitting. With Maryka Biaggio (The Point of Vanishing); Robert Gwaltney (The Cicada Tree); Annie Tupek (Leaving Onishi Station - on submission); Gail Priest (Soul Dancing - on submission)


    Q&A - Your chance to ask questions about any of the panels or the publication process and learn about the Novelitics community.



    via Crowdcast

    Free of charge


  • One-on-One Novel Coaching & Editing

    Developmental Editing

    You've finished the first draft. Congratulations! That is a big bold accomplishment to be proud of.


    Now come the revisions.


    If you would like another eye on your novel, looking at structure, arc, characterization. pacing and all the elements that make a novel a page turner, I provide a developmental eye.


    I specialize in historical fiction, historical mystery/thriller, and women's fiction.

    Novelitics Coaching

    Feedback + Accountability = Finished Manuscript

    If you are looking for accountability and deadlines, plus individual feedback on your story, narrative drive, character development and what needs to happen to make your novel tick (and readers turning pages) this program is for you. You will submit pages and receive in-line developmental notes and comments on your story, plus answers to questions you want me to focus on while reading. We will schedule Zoom meetings to review the work and plot out the next steps.


    Questions? Let's talk. Click the button below to schedule a Zoom meeting.

    The First Ten Pages

    Submission + 30 minute Zoom call

    Your opening 10 pages make a lasting impression on your reader - and carry a great responsibility. Here we establish setting, tone, pace, genre. In these few pages we offer the reader a taste of what is to come, hooking them through conflict, character, and stakes.

    Are your opening pages up to the task? Opening paragraph? Opening line? Through feedback, prompts, and rewriting, this is your chance to deepen the opening and lay the groundwork for the story to come.


    After registering, we will set up submission time - you may submit up to 2,500 words. After I have reviewed your work, we will meet for a 30-min Zoom call to review notes and set up a plan for revisions.


    Cost: $79

    Query Letter Review

    Looking for an outside eye on your query letter and the all important pitch paragraph?


    Two submissions with a Zoom call to review and revise.


    Cost $79

    Story Well

    One-on-One Consultations

    Need some clarity on your story arc? Main character goals? Pinch points? Want me to look at a scene? Do you need a sounding board for your story and plots points? I am offering half-hour Zoom calls to listen, ask questions, and provide a road map forward for your story.


    Cost: $30

  • Apps I Love

    These are my favorite tools to plan, plot, and write a novel.

    Story Planner

    Early Days

    This is the program I use to run a story idea through hits paces, strike a working synopsis, and create character arcs.


    ​Early - Complete First Draft

    This is the program I use in conjunctions with Scrivener, where I lay out the chapters and scenes - and have a bird's eye view of the beats and story.


    First Draft - Final Draft

    Made for novelists. I break my chapters into scenes, and Scrivener makes it easy to move scenes around. A learning curve for sure, but once you've figured out what works for your process, this is a powerful tool.

    Power Thesaurus

    First Draft - Final Draft

    Love this. Adore it. Worship it.

  • About Me

    Kim Taylor Blakemore

    Historical Fiction

    I am the author of the Amazon bestselling historical thriller AFTER ALICE FELL, and Goldie and WFWA Star Award Finalist THE COMPANION. Other historical novels include BOWERY GIRL, and the WILLA Award winner for Best YA Fiction, CISSY FUNK. Look for my upcoming historical thriller, THEDECEPTION, in October 2022.


    I have taught creative writing workshops in person and virtually since 2010. Classes are experiential, with writing exercises and feedback focused on skills that strengthen prose and story. I've taught a range of writers, from beginning to published, and workshops benefit writers of novels, short stories, memoirs and creative nonfiction. I am a three-time grant recipient from Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC) for my manuscripts THE COMPANION and THE GOOD TIME GIRLS, and a winner of a Tucson Festival of Books Award for The Companion.

    Please visit: www.kimtaylorblakemore.com

    What Writers Are Saying


    Kim’s workshops are always stimulating and rich with resources. She shows up prepared and has a knack for meeting the individual writer at his/her particular stage of development. Her style is encouraging and accepting. I highly recommend her to writers of all levels! - Maryka Biaggio, author, Parlor Games (Conjuring the Past: Writing Historical Fiction, Novel Intensive)


    If you want to take your writing to the next level, I highly recommend filling your writing toolbox with the valuable golden nuggets you will learn from Kim. - Joyce Kostakis (Craft of Fiction)


    I have studied in several of Kim’s workshops. As soon as I completed one, I couldn’t wait until the next. Kim is a mentor of the highest caliber. Her workshops are full of warmth, wit, and support. She brings a laser sharp intelligence and a deep commitment to the craft of making art with words. I cannot imagine my life as a writer without the insight I’ve gained from working with Kim. - Gail Lehrman (Craft of Fiction,

    Weekly Writes, Conjuring the Past: Historical Fiction)


    For more references, feel free to email me.

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