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    The Model Spy by Maryka Biaggio



    The Point of Vanishing by Maryka Biaggio



    Eden Waits by Maryka Biaggio



    Parlor Games by Maryka Biaggio



    The Good Time Girls by K.T. Blakemore



    The Good Time Girls Get Famous



    The Deception by Kim Taylor Blakemore



    After Alice Fell by Kim Taylor Blakemore



    The Companion by Kim Taylor Blakemore



    Bowery Girl by Kim Taylor Blakemore



    Cissy Funk by Kim Taylor Blakemore



    The King;s Inquisitor by Tonya Ulynn Brown



    The Queen's Almoner by Tonya Ulynn Brown



    A Writers Guide to Nineteeth Century Murder by Arsenic by KK Cathers



    The Cicada TRee by Robert Gwaltney



    Sharp as a Serpents Tooth: Stories by Mandy Haynes



    Oliver by Mandy Haynes



    Walking the Wrong Way Home by Mandy Haynes



    The Naked Truth, or Equality, The Forbidden Fruit by Carrie Hayes



    SPirited Away, A Kindle Vella by CArrie Hayes



    The Book Spy by Alan Hlad



    A Light Beyond the Trenches by Alan Hlad



    Churchill's Secret Messenger by Alan Hlad



    The Long Flight Home by Alan Hlad



    Fall from Grace by Susan Kraus



    All God's Children by Susan Kraus



    Insufficient Evidence by Susan Kraus



    When We Lost Touch by Susan Kraus



    Across Seward Park by Gail Lehrman



    A Feigned Madness by Tonya Mitchell



    Annie Crow Knoll: Moonrise by Gail Priest



    Annie Crow Knoll: Sunset



    Annie Crow Knoll: Sunrise



    Eastern Shore Shorts by Gail Priest



    Uncle Joe's Muse by Micah Thorp



    Uncle Joe's Senpai by Micah Thorp



    A Scape Goat for Murder by Jacqueline Vick



    A Scaly Tale of Murder by Jacqueline Vick



    What the Cluck? It's Murder by Jacqueline Vick



    An Almost Purrfect Murder by Jacqueline Vick



    A Bird's Eye View of Murder by Jacqueline Vick



    Barking Mad at Murder by Jacqueline Vick



    Deadly Decorum by Jacqueline Vick



    Bad Behavior by Jacqueline Vick



    Civility Rules by Jacqueline Vick