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    Novels and memoirs are rough. Tough. They require diligence and creativity and abandon and discipline. They like to disobey the best of planning, fly off into their own spheres. If you're in the midsts of writing one, you know what I mean.


    The best advice I can give is to hang on for the ride and finish the work. Without the words, there's nothing really to shape and edit.


    But it's easy to give up. The premise doesn't sit right. The middle is a morass and swamp. The end is nowhere in sight. The character's goals are muddy, too small, too big. The day job is overwhelming. You think of packing it in. You're alone with the writing, and no one cares if you finish or not.


    But still the novel is there waiting. You think of it. All. The. Time. You know the story matters. And you're the one to tell it.


    That's where Novelitics comes in.  From monthly workshops and masterclasses, to novel and memoir coaching, to THE WRITERS WELL, a vibrant community of novelists and memoirists, Novelitics is home.

    My Book is Done...What Happens Next?

    Wondering what to do after the book is done? Have questions about the process? Download this FREE PDF with the flow of both traditional and self-publishing steps, pros and cons of each, and resources.

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    Developmental Editing & Coaching

    Have a finished novel? Work with bestselling novelist Kim Taylor Blakemore to strengthen your story.


    Craft, business, tech, the publishing world - check out our workshops.

    Writers Well

    Join a vibrant, awesome community - from first time novelists to multi-published authors - our goal is to help each other succeed (and tell great stories).

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    I love writing. I love teaching. I love community.


    I'd love to talk further about your writing goals.

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