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    The Arsenic Eaters Wife

    Sunbury Press

    "Kim's thoughtful editing and recommendations for improvement helped make my book shine. My manuscript is getting attention from agents, all thanks to Kim's magic. I highly recommend her if you want to take your manuscript to the next level. Her editorial prowess and knowledge of the industry are nothing short of sublime."


    - Tonya Mitchell, author of A FEIGNED MADNESS and THE ARSENIC EATERS WIFE

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    Across Seward Park

    Penny Tunes Publshing

    "Kim Taylor Blakemore is an exceptionally gifted mentor and editor with a genuine passion for the project of being a writer. My current novel began as a two-paragraph writing exercise in one of Kim’s workshops and Kim supported me all the way, combining scrupulous rigor with kindness, generosity and heart. Kim has an intuitive grasp of what I’m trying to achieve. Her critical antennae are laser sharp and her recommendations have always been dead on the money. I come away from every session encouraged, renewed and rearing to move forward. I truly could not have written this book without her."


    - Gail Lehrman, Writers Well member, author of ACROSS SEWARD PARK (October 2023 release)

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    Uncle Joe's Muse

    Open Books Publishing

    "Writing is generally a solitary endeavor, riddled with angst and uncertainty. Having someone who provides clarity and insight to the process is an invaluable resource, perhaps even a necessity. When writing my novel Kim acted as a sounding board, developmental editor, coach and even helped with queries and submissions. I cannot image having had a better guide shepherd me through the process."


    - Micah Thorp, Writers Well Member, author of UNCLE JOE'S MUSE & UNCLE JOE'S SENSAI (Open Books Publishing)

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    The Model Spy

    Sunbury Press

    "I have worked with Kim on multiple novel projects and found her guidance invaluable. She reads carefully and closely and provides incisive, constructive, and practical feedback. She strikes a wonderful balance between pushing for improvement and lending support. I highly recommend her to anybody ready to take their project to the next level.”


    - Maryka Biaggio, Writers Well member, author of THE MODEL SPY (Sunbury Press), EDEN WAITS (Sunbury Press), THE POINT OF VANISHING (Sunbury Press), and PARLOR GAMES (Anchor)

  • "When I came to Kim with notes from an agent who had rejected my work, I was at a loss as to where to begin editing and afraid of making big mistakes. Kim took me in hand and guided me through a specific developmental edit, 40 pages at a time. Apart from the structural and character-based enhancements she proposed, Kim's keen eye sharpened my prose and strengthened my novel's themes. By reviewing and discussing the work in 40-page chunks I was able to make changes as we went, discuss options and at times collaborate to fix a scene. What started out as a daunting project (in my head) became so much more fun and doable with an expert, gentle guide. I now have a manuscript I can shop around with confidence. I highly recommend working with Kim."


    - Shirley West, Writers Well member, author of EL SUENO, A Novel of Old California (Releases Fall 2024)

    Working with Kim Taylor Blakemore as my developmental editor raised my writing to another level. Her feedback is clear, orderly, and candid. She didn’t simply point out areas that needed further development but rather addressed the gaps in such a way that I could see a pattern of the omissions so clearly, I will never unsee them and so should not ever repeat them. She caught reader stumbling blocks I was blind to since I was so familiar with my story. She pointed out areas of strength that I could leverage and deepen. Kim’s manner is warm, generous, and encouraging. Her observations come with the assertive authority of learned experience as a multi-published, award-winning author as well as an instructor. Above all, I felt that Kim genuinely had my best interest at heart, enabling me to trust her feedback. I wholeheartedly and highly recommend Kim’s developmental editor expertise.


    - Joan Fernandez, author of Van Gogh's Accomplice (She Writes)

    "That old adage of when you have lemons, make lemonade? Kim Taylor Blakemore has done that and more. In 2020 when COVID had all of us under lockdown, she started Writer's Well and we did what writers do. We wrote. She taught craft classes, started a weekly meeting for people to read and received critiques, added more craft classes, and thanks to all of this, I finished my draft and turned it over to her for her developmental editing. I have a better, stronger book now."


    - Fuf Vollmayer, Writers Well member, author of YORK (on submission)

    "When I was researching developmental editors, Kim’s areas of expertise in story arc, conflict and pacing were just what I needed. I was anxious to work with her. She made such a difference on how I viewed my manuscript as a whole, with a purpose and simplicity that will make the reader keep turning the pages. She has a keen eye, pointing out where I’d written romance novel traits when my intention was to write women’s historical fiction. I’ve been very satisfied with this process. I highly recommend her.


    —Stef Ann Holm, author of WE WERE THOSE GIRLS (ms in revisions)


    "I’ve been writing and working with Kim Taylor Blakemore and the Novelitics program since Spring 2019, when I took her Writing Historical Fiction class. I was a new fiction writer– and very nervous– but I quickly realized I had no reason to be. With the Novelitics program, Kim has built a welcoming, supportive, and inspiring community of writers who approach all pieces of writing with kindness, passion, and creativity. Throughout the years, I’ve taken workshops through Novelitics and have also utilized Kim’s one-on-one coaching program. Kim’s workshops always leave me feeling inspired and connected to my own writing and the writing community as well. And I can say with utmost confidence that I would not have finished the first draft of my novel without Kim’s one-on-one coaching program (which included weekly submissions, the creation of monthly goals, and feedback/edits from Kim). I highly recommend Kim and her Novelitics program for writers looking for community, inspiration, and accountability. You’ll get all that, and more!"


    - Katie Nelson, Writers Well Member, author of THE LAST COWBOY (ms in revisions)

    "I've thoroughly enjoyed working with Kim during the process of writing my first book. From teaching me the fundamentals to providing accountability to helping me hone my craft, Kim's coaching has been an essential part of my writing process."


    - Natalie Ayers, Writers Well Member, author of COAST GHOST(ms in revisions)